2017-2018 Back to School Night


DSCN1798.JPGA Red Sox playoff game, the Bruins season opener, and a Patriots Thursday night football game did not keep our community’s parents out of the classrooms during our 63rd Back to School Night, and it was awesome! I am always taken aback by the level of energy and enthusiasm in the building from parents, staff, and students. From my perspective it was a successful night for all involved. And the best part for me... the night is all in support of our students.

The focus for the night and this school year is rooted in our school’s driving question, “How can staff, students, and families support wellness and balance within a rich learning environment that provides opportunities for all students to experience success?” Larry Dorey, our Principal, said it best when he said, “As educators as well as parents and guardians we have a responsibility to support the growth and overall well-being of our children. We have a responsibility to provide an environment where each student has an opportunity to achieve their own definition of success.” There is no bigger responsibility we have to our students than this support. Each of us, parent, staff, and student need to work together this year to make sure that each student finds his/her success and finds the right balance of school, work, and play.

With that important beacon to guide us this school year, thank you to all who will make that happen. Thank you to parents and guardians. Thank you to AB staff. And, most importantly, thank you to the students who will find their own personal success this year. It is with enthusiasm and excitement that this school year has started, including last night. I look forward to a successful 2017-2018 school year with you all.


Pete Cavanaugh & the Administrative Team

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