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Building Personal Relationships

At the start of the school year, each administrator is asked to submit professional and student goals to be used as part of our evaluation process.  Around mid-year, we are asked to reflect on our progress towards these goals.  As the high school administrative team, we chose one common goal:  To build personal relationships.   In simplest terms, this goal is about the administrative team being visible and available to staff and students.  It's about making personal connections whenever possible.  As we reach the mid-year point in the school year, I've been reflecting on some of our progress towards this goal.

Last Friday the administrative team hosted thirty-four seniors at our bi-weekly senior luncheon.  The admin team has set a goal of inviting every senior to lunch during the course of the school year.  Lunchtime conversations range greatly depending on the number of students and time of year, but I think it's fair to say that after each of these lunches we all walk a…