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Perspective on Vaping/E-Cigarettes

Based on conversations with colleagues, teachers, parents, and students, vaping (use of e-cigarettes) is a relevant issue that is somewhat of an unknown to many.  Questions have come up like:  How do we warn students of the dangers?  Is it safe for my child to do it?  Are they vaping in class?  Why isn't it a healthier alternative to cigarettes?  This blog entry hopes to serve as one small piece of education on the topic and a venue to share different perspectives on the topic.

High School Administration Perspective
Since the winter break administration has seen an uptick in student possession and use of e-cigarettes/vapes/Juuls.  (A Juul is a specific brand of e-cigarette that seems to be popular with students).  It is really important to educate anyone who is willing to listen to the dangers of e-cigarettes/vapes/Juuls.  We have and will take steps to further support our students in making healthy decisions.  Just a few of the steps we have taken or plan to take are:  individual…