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Schedule Pilot

March Schedule Pilot
In 1998 the high school changed its bell schedule from a seven-period day to an eight-period day.  This change did not increase the number of classes students could take, but it did increase the length of the lunch period from 22 minutes to a full 47 minute period.  The reason for the change had most to do with maximizing room use as the increase in student enrollment was surpassing building capacity; the eight-period schedule with four full lunch periods freed up more rooms for scheduling purposes.  In addition, the day was lengthened in order to comply with DESE Time and Learning regulations.  This change in schedule was preceded in 1997 by a two-week trial run of two selected pilot schedules.

During the 2015-2016 school year, the high school began a self-study of the current bell schedule.  This study was prompted by school and community members wanting to look at the connection between student wellness and the bell schedule.  Much of this work coincided with …