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Welcome, Summer.

One of the many things about being in education is that there's a first day of school and a last day of school.  The opening and closing of the school year is always an exciting time and provides the unique opportunity for goal setting and reflection, a luxury not found in other professions.

With the end of the 2017-2018 academic year nearly upon us, I've spent some time looking back at this past year.

The crux of Mr. Dorey's opening day message to both students and staff encouraged all members of our school community to take care of one another, and I've been thinking about the many different shapes that can take and how I've observed people engaging in large and small acts of caring, supportive and kind behavior.  I've seen student clubs organizing hot chocolate service on cold mornings, random Post-It Notes decorating lockers with different messages of goodwill, students reaching out to trusted adults when concerned about friends, and even surprise tokens a…